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Sanscript Registration Form


Before you can download a copy of Sanscript, you must first complete the form below.

There is no support is free, after all.

* We will send download directions to the email address provided below.

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My company may be interested in OEMing or reselling Sanscript

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Dr. Dobb's Journal
Component Paradise or Programmer's Paradise
Windows Developer's Journal
Direct Mail Card Pack
Miller Freeman Tools for Windows catalog
Visual C++ Developers Journal
Easy ACT!
ACT! in ACTion
ACT! in-box Add-ons Catalog
ACT! Add-ons web site
Searching the web
Discussion on Usenet


  • Applications you would like to script with Sanscript!:
Excel Access / ADO Outlook
Word ACT! Visio
Applications not in table above:

  • Any questions you'd like to ask?   Or, tell us the problem you're trying to solve, maybe we can help...

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